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What is a Sibling Support Doula?

A Sibling Doula can be the solution for your family. A sibling support doula is more than just a babysitter. The sibling doula has a deep knowledge of birth and is experienced in supporting people through the process.

The sibling doula will help prepare the siblings about what the big day will be like and what to expect. They attune to the child’s needs and/or anxieties, and navigate how involved they are ready to be. I am available to care for older child(ren) while you are focused on bringing the new baby(s) into the world.

Sibling Support Package

  • Initial 30 minutes consultation to ensure I am a good fit for your family;

  • Sibling support at home;

  • 2 Prenatal planning appointments;

  • On call 24/7 at 38 weeks until birth;

  • Up to 24 hours of continuous care on The Big Day.



This time is for you to share your vision for birth and expectation of care. It is time for me to learn about your children’s personalities, routines, preferences, and parenting philosophies. This prep time is important so I can be on the same page as the family’s household. These visits last about 90 minutes each and occur before birth when I spend time with your children to make myself a familiar face. Parents can stay home for this visit or take time to complete some last-minute chores.


As a sibling support doula, I will be tending to your children’s physical and emotional needs. Rest assured they will be fed, diapered, and cared for according to your family’s preferences. I will support them emotionally through this new experience with realistic expectations and reassurance. They will attune to their personalities and needs. I can also help facilitate the sibling’s involvement according to your wishes, their willingness, and ability.

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I offer my Sibling Support services up to 24 hours of continuous care on the big day on a sliding scale of $900 - $1200**


**Any additional hours are billed at the rate of $30 per hour.

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