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Meet Helena

Helena is someone who is passionate about providing assistance and supporting families. She is also a lover of studying and researching. She was born and was raised in Minas Gerais, Brazil, a place known for its hospitality and warmness. Knowing that "it takes a village to raise a child", she loves supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula, encouraging, guiding, and comforting families.


Her first experience in the birthing world was in June 2013, during her Occupational Therapist degree. She interviewed and visited people during prenatal, and postpartum stages, but also had the delight of supporting some births during her graduation in Brazil. After that, she moved abroad twice with her husband (Canada and USA).


Those experiences warmed her heart and guided this true caring person on her path to becoming a Doula! Helena was trained as a Birth (PALS Certified) and Postpartum (NAPS certification in process) doula at the Bastyr University Simkin Center, and has taken additional training in the use of a TENS unit, Spinning Babies techniques, and Hypnobirthing Support Techniques for birth professionals. Helena desire to support families in the birthing process however they choose, willing to support a laboring person who may choose no medication, choose for pain medication, or a cesarean section. Doula's support can be very valuable in any situation! She provides support for families of diverse cultures and backgrounds. In addition to supporting growing families, Helena enjoys indoor gardening, the great outdoors and nature, and she lives with her husband and her friendly, sweet dog.

Why the Shape of Water?

I love creating metaphors, and philosophizing in my thoughts, and that is not different in my life as a Doula. I’ve had always enjoyed nature. Its strength and beauty fascinate me! The Doula is the one who supports the pregnant person in the most powerful and beautiful moment of their lives, where all the strength - physical and emotional - is required to welcome the newborn. When I started to think about something that would be my brand as a Doula, nothing less than nature could represent me.

The shape of water: resilient, consistent, essential, strong. Ready to fill your jar in the shape that you are. Helping, encouraging, empowering, and supporting you in the way that you need.  This is what a Doula does. The Greek word ‘Doula’ means a woman who serves, and in labor support terminology, this is the professional who provides individualized and continuous emotional and physical support, offering comfort measures, and helping clients to make informed and empowered decisions, focusing on achieving the best outcome possible for the births, infants, and mothers.

Remember, breathe in and breathe out, like the water, you are part of nature; breathe in and breathe out, like the water, you can change your shape to became something gorgeous; breathe in and breathe out, like the water, you are essential; breathe in and breathe out, like the water, you are stronger and more powerful than you think; breathe in and breathe out, like the water, you were built to glow!

I am a Doula and I can support the oceans to bring their springs into this world!

Image by Jonathan Borba
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Trainings and Certifications 

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